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I watched a wrestling tournament few months ago tagged “Summer Slam”. I am generally not the TV type, not even the WWE. What drew my attention to keenly watch was a highlight of how a wrestler was brutally dealt with.

I was so angry watching the highlight and I couldn’t just wait to watch what happens. As I was lamenting over the highlight, another popped up and it was deadlier than the initial. I screamed, jumped up and was commanding the victim to run for his dear life.

One of the duo I watched were Brock Lesner and Seth Rollins. This Brock guy is a breaker, I must say. He humiliated the smallish Seth Rollins with all that he had. My brother told me to stay put and watch the full display and I will be shocked to see Seth winning the game. I said in disagreement that it’s not possible after being so dealt with to that injury level.

The match came to play and there I was watching with all focus. It was a tough one, the end is what got me. Seth Rollins won the Title. Ah! After such humiliations, the smallish man Still got it. In excitement, I got to learn a very interesting lesson.

Life is not a bed of roses they say. Life is a rollercoaster. All true! Life is a journey, yes! In this journey, you are entitled to have enemies. Some from within, some without. Seth had his rival for the match and perhaps for a lifetime. He was knocked so bad, to the point I felt he should just throw in the towel. He didn’t give up. He wasn’t scared of Brock Lesner, not even his height or his scary face.

Our enemies are not as strong as we perceive them to be. Just like a mirage, they appear bulky in all forms. They put on tactics to intimidate us, to feel we are vulnerable. Truth is, they know that once they defeat our minds, we are utterly defeated. So they pretend to be stronger or victorious over us to scare us to believing we are losers.

Just as my brother said, Brock did all of that because he knew he was going to loose at the end of it. He knew he was going to be defeated so he was enjoying a fake victory, only for the moment.

Life knocks so hard that we feel we do not have what it takes to conquer. Our greatest victory is won within our minds. If we keep believing and keep pushing through, we will, just like Seth Rollins, win through and against all the odds.

The enemy we conquer first is the enemy within. Once we defeat the mirages in our minds, the enemies without become vulnerable over and again. When life knocks, it’s telling you to brace up for victory at the edge of breaking through and breaking forth.

I just spoke to a Victor who will go out there with strength from within to fight without. You are that Victor. Common!

Grace Abubakar

Grace Abubakar

A graduate from the Department of English, Gombe State University. A poetesss, philanthropist, motivational and inspirational speaker and tutor. Grace is a lover of nature and all there is to life. Her motivations and inspirations stems from life experiences and are geared towards creating and sustaining a culture of successful young people. She believes in the power of words to reach out and shape lives.


  1. Ankale memucan

    I really want to thank God, for your life ma’am. It has really brouding my understanding about life. More grace ma we await more of such.

    • Grace Abubakar

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you got the light of it. Cheers to more!

  2. Ayuba Ajuji

    This is a powerful message my dear. May God continue to inspire you. Once the enemy within is defeated, the battle is almost over. Thanks my dear


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