Why i teach in Pidgin English and Hausa Language

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In my Life I have seen broke business professors  and I have seen wealthy illiterate business men.
No matter how difficult learning  a language may be, a two year old child born and brought up in that particular place or country knows and understand the language better. I believe that learning in the language you communicate every day is easier than learning in a strange language.


An average Nigerian has the potential of making exploit when given the right training, conducive environment and a good orientation on what they are passionate about. My heart bleeds anytime I see a graduates coming to my print shop and paying us N300 just to open email address, they would come with a smart phone and tablets yet they can’t open an email account. I observed that some are not trained and many are not willing to learn.

I teach students on Graphics Design, Word Processing, Web Design and Business Seminar online in Hausa language and Pidgin English. Research has shown that millions of Children in Nigeria are out of school and the expectation of many graduates is t become employees and Job Creators, I believe that teaching professional courses in Hausa language and Pidgin English will go a long way in turning many youths to be self-reliant.

Is it not amazing seeing graduates of computer science or computer engineering taking their smart phones to road side engineers?  I believe that constant practice and passion is the secret success of the practical Road side technicians

The drive behind my teaching project using Pidgin English and Hausa Language is the fact that I am a product of Sabificate not Certificate, I have learned computer applications like Coreldraw, Microsoft Word, Photoshop and Web Design the hard way so I promised to make it easier for my people by bring the stoney words into a powdered milk.
The popular and difficult assignment on CorelDraw has been broken down when I uploaded a lecture in pidgin English on ” How to design NNPC Logo ”  (You can watch it here ). More than five thousands student where able to watch and learn it better. www.nocarrylast.com is the online school for my Pidgin English students and www.malamingida.com for my Hausa students. My aim is not just to teach the computer applications only but also train my students on the business aspect especially Graphics Design, Web Design and Importation Business Seminar.

when you acquire a skill, you can put it to work immediately while getting just a certificate can only qualify you to be an applicant. I am proud to have more than 2000 students who don’t know me physically and I will continue more because I have made up my mind be a plus to my generation regardless of where I come from. I have  been receiving questions from my Pidgin English students “sir why are you basing in Gombe rather than Warri or Lagos?” “ The most important thing is acquiring the knowledge” that has always been my reply.

Teaching in Pidgin English

Teaching in Hausa Language

I speak Pidgin English very well and I speak Hausa as if I don’t know a single word of English language therefore I chose to stay with these two languages for a reason: 80% of people in the Northern part of Nigeria communicate in Hausa Language and Pidgin English takes the lead in the Southern part of my country Nigeria, people who were not opportune to attend schools can communicate well using these languages. I strongly believe that the success behind adequate learning in countries like China, Japan, Spain, Uk and the united State of America is learning in the native language.



HEZACO is a Teacher, Web-designer, Singer and a Merchant Navy Officer. he is the C.E.O HEZACO DIGITAL WORLD LIMITED


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