Taraba: Truth Draws Strength From Itself, Sponsoring Botched, Biased and ill-advised Propaganda Doesn’t Pay, Mshelia to Jalingo APC and Journalists.

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Lately, reading through a couple of articles, which are consistently published daily on Taraba State and the Government of the day, it quickly reminds us of the word political propaganda and how the enemies of Taraba, especially the opposition APC has built their cubicle around it, with no intention to create some space for rational reasoning about the affairs of the state. It’s unfortunate that sound colleagues in the media space, could yield to seating in the burrows of those inventors of deceits to hear, note and publish such falsehoods which is an outright abuse to their pen on paper.

It is said that, propaganda is as old as people, politics and religion. People in the likes of the opposition in Taraba State, APC, will always want to persuade the good people of Taraba about their failed Mission and frustration of landslide victory of Governor Darius that is hitherto unending from the last general elections and, if they have the power, they will use everything they have to persuade everyone to join their jungle style of life in politics. Hence, when local Journalists fails to do their jobs by checking facts, corroborating sources, or simply asking follow-up questions aside what they are paid to do, they bring abuse to the profession, create chaos to state and destroy societies they vowed to protect with their pen.

It’s unfortunate, though surprising that propaganda and manipulation of reality continues to be used in large quantities by the enemies of Taraba State, the APC, through their leaders. The opposition in the state whom have proven themselves over time to choose their interest and filling up of their belly above the interest of the citizens has reached its peak, as they continue to tell their constituencies mendacities upon mendacities in order to divert attentions from the truth and reality of the affairs of the state.

But like it was once captured by Joseph Goebbels “Propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth,”. Thus, all these botched, biased and ill-advised confusion the opposition APC have been working hard to bring about it rebirth in Taraba is not far from the fact that, they are all a circle of lethargic folks that have nothing important to do, thus, the best work they felt they should engage in is disinclination or exertion to activity that promote the state despite having the ability to act or to exert themselves.

It is completely derisory to read and see a repeat of a single article being published on a daily basis on different media space, that says: “The last public appearance of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku in Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, was during the hasty presentation of the 2020 annual estimate in the House of Assembly. Saying, since then the only evidence that the governor is still in office is his official portrait that adorns various public offices in the state”.

It’s ludicrous and felonious, because, it seems such Journalists, though they kept retelling and polishing the same article written by Charles Akpeji, in Jalingo, dated March 04, 2020, were just invited folks that knows nothing about the realities of the happenings in the state. I was almost tempted to assume Akpeji and Co, wrote their articles from space, because, if they are in touch with the unfolding dividend of democracy of the Rescue Mission 2 around Taraba state, they would have not stated such fabrications, but appreciate the rapid development in the state by Governor Ishaku and his team.

For civil purposes, let me educated Akpeji and co and the APC folks on some of the realities of such dividends of democracy. Recently, Governor Ishaku with wife, Barr Anna, on January 29, 2020, met with Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Yuktaka Kikuta and signed a grand contract of $197,736 (N71,184,960), for the establishment of a facility for the processing of Sesame seed in Taraba; under the watch of Governor Darius, Taraba State Government began construction of first flyover to ease traffic in Jalingo, February 1, 2020; Taraba State Government has stocked starter packs worth 350Million naira to boast the next phase of its women and youth empowerment programme, this was disclosed during the Governor’s visit to the office of World Bank in Abuja on Friday, January 31,2020; Governor Darius, Minister of Power and top stakeholders from Taraba met to discuss the way forward in the actualization of the Mambilla Hydropower Dam Project, and the meeting was organized by Ishaku’s administration, February 11, 2020; new housing scheme for new Civil Servants to be employed in the state was initiated, February 17, 2020, this was disclosed by the Governor in person at the Saint Paul Old Boys Association – SPOBA; Governor Ishaku appointed New Director General for Taraba State AIDS Control Agency (TACA), February 20, 2020; he was at the PDP Governors Forum, February 27, 2020; the donations of relief materials in Sardauna Local Government Area; Taraba State Government issued employments letters to over 300 youths around the state; Governor Ishaku met with Minister of Interior, Hon. Rauf Aregbeshola, at his office, and discussed issues in regards to security in Taraba March 2, 2020; the approval of Special Advisers March 9; the meeting the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia, Peter Holasek, and the Nigeria/Slovakia Chambers of Commerce, Vitalis Njoku, March 12, 2020; Governor Ishaku met with the Hon. Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hon, Mustapha Baba Shehuri, March 13, 2020 and the list goes on.

And on the issue of the 2020 budget presentation, if those paid Journalists were at the budget presentation, they would have observed, and could have written something truer, different from what they were paid to do by their pay masters. Those that witnessed the event, knew that it took Governor Darius hours to present the budget to the Taraba State House of Assembly, not to talk about the time taken for few modalities upon his arrival and thereafter at the House of Assembly. The question should now be: was Governor Darius expected to seat at the State’s House of Assembly after the budget presentation like a 7-year-old that closed from school and was expected to return home alone, while a meeting in the interest of Tarabans awaits him in Abuja?

Presence is good, but Tarabans should also know, present in state does not equal productivity as we observed from other states. We live in an era, where investments to states does not come knocking, one will have to consistently pursue them. Results should be the focus in view. It is absolutely unfair for the opposition to always use the good citizens of Taraba as a face to expression their bogus motives. The consistent use of Tarabans said, and Tarabans alleged, were just a cheap way to cover up falsehoods. 

The case of Governor Danbaba Suntai, of blessed memory is completely different. His was a ghastly accident, while Governor Darius’ was a domestic accident. No wonder we keep seeing confessions from the opposition quarters of the possibility the Governor is dead, which probably suggests, there is something beyond what the eyes can see, but such enterprise will not stand, because God is the giver of life and power.

Lately, as the opposition began to run out of mischiefs evidences they resulted to circulating a picture, especially as captured on THE NATION, March 12, 2020, imprudently saying boldly “A photograph of Ishaku undergoing medical checkup has gone viral on social media space, with posters seeking prayers for the governor”, also, it captured, “In the photo, Ishaku and his handlers are seen wearing marks.”

Below is the picture these neophytes have been using. See the image below.

the picture of Governor Darius said to be the Governor receiving medical attention by the oppositions

I want to advice the general public, especially the good people of Taraba to go on their phones and gadgets to search on Facebook: Friends In Diaspora Support DDI, scroll down to the post they made, dated February 19 and 20, 2019, and you will see that, the said picture was taken February 19, 2020, when Governor Ishaku and his wife Barr Anna flagged off a free eye care treatment organized by the State Government in Collaboration with Mirai Group of Surgeons from Israel at the State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo.

For some of you that will be too busy to scroll such far for the publication. Below are the screenshots of the said post, but it’s better you verify individually on the said page and other pages on the said date: the parts they wont show you.

On the health of the Governor, I still repeat, as I made mention in my previous article: was Governor Darius sick? Yes, he WAS SICK AND SO WHAT? When does becoming a Governor changed one from being human? Being a Governor does not make one a deity. Most of these people writing and sponsoring these articles they in themselves are deadly sick and their parents are laying in the hospitals too. Funny enough, they also sponsored to say he signed the 2020 budget on a sick bed just before they received the shock of their lives few weeks thereafter.

After a vote of confidence was passed by the lawmakers on Governor Darius, they went ahead to publish that the Governor had travelled to Germany for medical treatment, just to see him at the PDP Governor’s Forum and also with the Hon. Minister of interior thereafter. Hence, if truly they are noble men and have little dignity in their DNA, they should have apologized to Governor Darius, but since we all know how dogged and haughty they can be, they should at least apologies to Taraba for consistently misleading them.

Again, the example made of Garba Umar and Abubakar Sani Danladi who served as acting governors at brief periods in-between before Governor Ishaku was elected in 2015, was because at a point the Governor was completely incapacitated to lead the state. But we have followed Governor Darius activities and engagements which included: the dualisation of the Airport road in Jalingo which comes with an overhead bridge has started and has made steady progress even in the absence of the Governor; the Mararaba- Baissa-Abong-Kan-Iyaka-Nguroje road which is the shortest road to the Mambilla Dam Project. This road is the initiative of the Ishaku administration and was openly acknowledged and commended by the Hon Minister of Power, Eng. Saleh Mamman during the Sensitization Flag off on the Mambila Dam project. Not only that, all the APC stakeholders present at the NICON Hilton Hotel venue of the flag-off openly applauded Governor Ishaku’s initiative and drive. The Wukari Tsokundi road and Yoro-Pantisawa road projects have also been going on smoothly; The 2020 budget bill has since been signed into law and it is being implemented with vigour while salaries of workers, pensions and gratuities are also being paid promptly. In various parts of the state, classrooms are being constructed and others renovated while the construction of Model Basic Education schools are currently on-going in Takum and Gembu, both in advanced stages of completion. All these major projects can never be possible without the active participation of the Governor. The truth is, if some people are really not heartless, such efforts should be commended.

For the APC leaders to have shamefully displayed deplorable witlessness and mischief when they also suggested that Governor Ishaku has breached Section 190 of the 1999 Constitution (as Amended) by not transmitting power to his Deputy. The said section of the Constitution speaks of transmission of power only when the Governor proceeds on vacation or is otherwise unable to discharge the functions of his office. (See Section 190(2). If Governor Darius knows he cannot discharge his duty, as a noble man leader, he could have handed over in acting capacity to his partner the Deputy Governor Engr. Haruna Manu.

Recently on his face book page, through one of his reflections, which was captured by a good number of media houses and reputable Newspapers headlines, made it clear when Governor Darius reiterate his commitment to ensuring the Taraba of his dreams is achieved. Two of such reflections reads:

1ST: “As I look again and again the horizon of Taraba State, I see a promise of possibilities; I see a promise of a greater tomorrow; and I see a promise of a united indivisible Taraba State. Based on these promises, I have a vision. I have a vision that in years from now, Taraba State will be the leading economy in the North East Sub-region”

2ND: “Taking informed decision to get things done right in our state, is my perspectives on what politics should be.

To me political powers acquire meaning and usefulness only in the context of institutional framework of the economy and provision of the basic needs of my people, i.e. Infrastructural Development; Skill Acquisition Programmes bordering on Job and Wealth Creation; Water and Power Generation, Industrialization; Health and Information Technological Knowledge etc.

This we have started, and I assure TARABANS, I will relentlessly pursue it to the core until we fully Rescue Taraba.”

Having stated those statements by the Governor directly from his official social media handles, which is the most effective platform most leaders around the world communicate directly with their people, proved that, it was an outright deceit for Akpeji to state that “Tarabans noted that since December 19, 2019 he presented the 2020 appropriation bill to members of the House of Assembly, Governor Ishaku has never been sighted in the state nor made any public statement regarding the direction of his administration.

Governor Ishaku has in many ways spoken to Tarabans: he did severally through his media aides, except Akpeji and Co will tell the public, the powers bestowed on an Executive Spokesperson is no longer valid. He has also made a live broadcast on his official Facebook among others

It will be ideal for Akpeji and Co, if they really had any contacts with Tarabans aside their pay masters, to tell the public the people involved, seeking the legislators to commence impeachment proceedings against the governor, aside the jumbled APC Chieftains in the state, and their recruited supporters on social media space. The legislators in Taraba are not novices, they earned their seat through legal electoral processes, thus, they cannot bow to the pressure, like it was captured by Akpeji, but don’t want to affirm that such statements of truth were spilled from the APC and was shying to uphold the fact as he stated also, that:

“The state lawmakers had in a resolution stated that they would tread all legitimate paths to resist being used by “unpatriotic persons or group of persons”.

“The governor and his deputy have performed beyond and above average within the present circumstances and that as representatives of the people the House deemed it fit to pass a vote of confidence on the governor and his administration till 2023.”

Going on to now twist their resolves speaks volume on the mission he was on with the opposition. Also, “given that the pressures (for Governor Ishakus’s impeachment) are believed to be coming from some persons and groups with vested interests (the APC)”. 

On a final note to those slanted articles, it is completely inhuman to wish a fellow death and misfortune just because of desperations for power, making reference to such painful experience in Taraba State of Governor Suntai (late). If there’s a prove to all the allegations of the lawmakers being bought over, we all would have seen it all over the media. The perpetual display of fake evidence is a sign that the enemies of the state will not spare any evidence to the public. This is the first time am seeing a legal practitioner afraid that his name must not be mentioned, for alleging a case. Only fake legal practitioner will hide among the crowd. Genuine lawyers do not stager to approach a court to file a case if there is an iota of truth to their allegations. Thus, I wonder who is cooking up lies, or playing to the beatings of their pay masters in an effort to mislead the public.

The additives and spreading out of Akpeji and Co to every statement by the APC in their effort to polish their fabrications, is prove their article was not a statement of facts, rather cooked for public treachery. I advise Mr Charles Akpeji and Co to keep their pens spotless and decent as Journalists, and not allow it stained by these men of questionable history of chicanery.

Truth draws strength from itself and not from the number of votes in its favour.  Thus the enemies of Taraba state can do all they can, with their sham attitudes that gave them a handful followers in an attempt to distract the state, but, they should know, the truth does not need a lawyer.

I am always asked, am I an indigene of Taraba State and I said yes; my wife of 7years is from Taraba, thus, I am an indigene by Marriage. Thus, Few wisdom words I want to leave with MY good people of Taraba to reflect on:

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” – Franz Kafka

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”  – William Faulkner

“It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.”  – Rick Riordan.

Written by Mshelia from Abuja.

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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