Taraba: Arise O Compatriots, My Appeal to Hope, by A. A. Mshelia

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Growing up as a child, while in secondary school, I was told a story of a mango tree. The story has it that: there were two mango trees: one was big with a lot of green leafs with no fruits on the branches. The other, though it looked small with some withered leafs, had a lot of mangos on its branches.

While the students closed for the day from school, on their way home, they always branched and took some mangos. The interesting part to cut the story short was, as the students branched and got some mangos, no one went to the big tree that had a lot of green leafs. Everyone was focused on the seemingly withered tree that had a lot of fruits. As little boys and girls that they were, in the process of getting the mangos, the tree was stoned many times, got wounded, loosed more leafs, and more branches fractured…

Why is that story?
This day and age, Taraba, a state of over 4 million people, highly diverse and one of the richest in natural resources has sure been a centre of attraction for many things and people, both the good the bad and the ugly. It cannot be over emphasized that Taraba State with its rich resources and opportunities, has attracted the wrong people both within and outside the state. Though the painful part is seeing people from the state (in the name of leaders) draining our fatherland.

We have read the headlines from near and far of how Taraba people were being killed in cool blood while they sleep and attend to their daily life. The problems didn’t stop at just crime. Beyond the perpetual worry for one’s life, the entire state was prone to rolling blackouts, shortage of basic needs and necessities, unbelievably high cost of living instantaneously, and apparently insurmountable political gridlock. Not only that, no one was ready to give us answers to the many questions in our hearts to where and whose interest these terrorists were promoting, especially. To put it simply, Taraba, the pride and beauty of all states, before the advent of Governor Darius, was falling apart trying to snick its ugly head beyond 2015.

A lot has happened starting from 2015 to date. Those wrong people attracted to the treasures of Taraba State began to fight back when Governor Darius came to limelight in his efforts to neutralized their activities of corruption and ambitions of swallowing up the resources and treasures that lies within and underneath the state.

From what I see all over the social media platforms and Newspapers lately, compared to the reality of facts of what has been of the Darius’ administration it is very clear that the enemies of state have finally come up with a strategy to ensure such treasurers are destroyed, through getting to the minds of the good people of Taraba. Since they cannot get at Governor Ishaku, they are making efforts to now sow seeds of discord and unbelieve, with the hope to getting to Governor Ishaku, because they have proven over the years that, he is in person never distracted by unjustified intimidations.

As someone who have spent over a decade studying the state and its leaders, I beg to advice the good citizens of Taraba to discern that: the attack from the enemies of state on Governor Ishaku is actually an attack on us and our future as a people. Governor Ishaku just happened to be the wall standing between us and these vipers, that are doing all they could necessary to break him and devour us.

There were many laughable yet scandalous headlines especially from the home based Newspaper TarabaTruths and Facts. One among many was the publication that captured Governor Darius is sick… I have this strong believe and resolve that Governor Darius is  sound and healthy. But wait, in case HE WAS HES SICK, SO WHAT?When does becoming a Governor changed one from being human? Being a Governor does not make one a deity. Most of these people writing and sponsoring these article they in themselves are deadly sick and their parents are laying in the hospitals too. I picked this exact headline, because, one of the newly elected Governor we have in the North East just returned to the country a day before his Judgement at the Supreme Court. He has been away because he was SICK!” It was all over the media, he even took a picture few days before his return to say I am better now I am coming home, thank you for your prayers.

Nobody said that was a problem, the people of his state, upon seeing that, they commit to praying for him not join the enemies of their state to destroy the leader they know have their interest at heart. They didn’t allow themselves to be tossed around by that fake news. Such and even more should be the character of Tarabans.

The good people of Taraba, our strength as a state comes in our unity, and those who want to divide us are doing that for personal gains and ambitions. Unity is our strength; division is our weakness. We must appreciate the fact that when Governor Ishaku step on toes, he is doing that for our interest and fighting our unseen battles, not for personal gains. Those of us that are conversant with history and have followed his life, all knows that, with or without politics *ARCHITECT* Darius Dickson Ishaku has built a fortune and is a successful man from onset through hard work. As a leader he might not necessarily have to explain things in details of the battles he is fighting on our behalf, because, he knew that was what he signed for.

It is true that leaders should defend their people, but, there will likely be times when citizens must defend their leaders by standing for what is true in solidarity for the vision the leader believe in for the good of all. Leaders in the likes of Governor Ishaku that defend, celebrate, and promote their people demonstrate loyalty to state and in return they must gain same loyalty from the people they lead. We know that controlling what we pay attention to is key to living an intentional life as a people.

We must therefore, as a people remember the tragedy we have experienced for years before the advent of Governor Ishaku, we have watched the state of our birth leisurely tear itself apart in an untiring death march with short sighted leaders ruling over her affairs before now. Blood flowed our streets, and under development became the slogan of our mother land; that great state, the beauty of all states, which first welcomed our half-opened new-born eyes was no longer giving us that feeling of the fresh air that flows through our hills, that we felt at our juvenile age, until the advent of Governor Darius. That is the tragedy they seek to restore, and we must not allow that.

On a final note, going by the waves of revolutionary policy initiatives and project implementation under his leadership as the Governor of Taraba State, the focus on the minds of people should be on Darius’s brilliance, ingenuity and versatility in the way he conducts government dealings.
Architect Darius is one of Nigeria’s upper echelon of the highly successful leaders in Nigeria. The leadership style and impacts made by Governor Darius in all the sectors he has worked; a successful and celebrated Architect and Town Planner; a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in different ministries, at different times, and most notably while serving as the Executive Governor of Taraba State, the words and actions of Architect Darius have proved a unity of purpose, a confluence of merit and harbinger of inspiration. We then are sure, that the foundations are now set and we will experience the RAPID DEVELOPMENT in the next four years of his administration.

We must see our diversity as a strength because in our diversity lies diverse perspectives; we can view problems from differently angles and decide on different ways to approach them with a lasting solution.

The leadership style of Governor Darius signals the dawn of a new era in democracy in Taraba state since 2015, and given solidarity a chance, with the present reality of impacts by his administration around the entire state, Tarabans can be rest assured Architect Darius can bring back the dignity of Taraba not only amongst states in Nigeria but in the communities of nations.

…as the students branched and got some mangos, no one went to the big tree that had a lot of green leafs. Everyone was focused on the seemingly withered tree that had a lot of fruits…

Thus, if indeed there is no treasures in Taraba, and a promising future with the administration of Governor Darius, they wouldn’t have been these attraction and attacks.

If saying the truth sound political and makes me a politician, SO BE IT!!!

Let’s Move forward Tarabans! Arise O compatriots, this is an appeal to Hope.

Written from Abuja by Mshelia.

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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