Southern Taraba: Strive Like Flowers of the Same Divine Garden to Live Together in Harmony by Mshelia

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I watch with tears the massacre of the two Jukun men from Dapye in Wukari LGA today January 30, 2020, by Tiv youths on their farm. It was indeed a tragedy to watch our ceremonial mother land, where we took in our first respire upon birth leisurely tear itself apart in an untiring death march.

I read a text from wikiquote and it said: As difference in degree of capacity exists among human soul, as difference in capability is found, therefore, individualities will differ one from another. But in reality this is a reason for unity and not for discord and enmity.

If the flowers of a garden were all of one colour, the effect would be monotonous to the eye; but if the colours are variegated, it is most pleasing and wonderful. The difference in adornment of colour and capacity of reflection among the flowers gives the garden its beauty and charm.

Therefore, although we are of different individualities, let us strive like flowers of the same divine garden to live together in harmony. Even though each soul has its own individual perfume and colour, all are reflecting the same light, all contributing fragrance to the same breeze which blows through the garden, all continuing to grow in complete harmony and accord.

My message to our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters in Southern Taraba is: our unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of a civilisation, a testimony to the most noble possibilities of the human race. What we need in Southern Taraba is not violence or lawlessness, but love and wisdom and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our zone whether they are avenged or not. This is not easy, but, it is a feeling of responsibility we all must take for the sake of our unborn children and what history will have to write about us as a people.

As much as we look up to the State and Federal Government to help us out, there won’t be notable progress if the resolve for peace is not first of all a decision and a desire from our hearts as a people.

It is easy to fight in a war when you do not truly know who your allies and enemies are. You can slay enemies and watch your allies fall with no real concern. However, what if that assumed enemy or ally is actually your family or best friend?

This is a question we all must ask ourselves in Southern Taraba. Are we fighting an enemy or we are fighting ourselves, shortening the life span of our heritage? A matchstick can start on a stick, but its flames can burn a forest. Thus, Southern Taraba must arise to fight this quadruped of hatred and deceit. The good people of Taraba State as a whole must stand up also and fight this being that is consistently thirsty for blood.

What affects one affects all. Therefore, together, we must not allow the clean water we drink today in Taraba, filtered by the Rescue Team mixed with blood all over again. We must not allow our farm lands and vegetation that are now greener, watered by the sweat and labour of the present leadership of our dear state destroyed by the flames of war. We must stand up for what we believed, which is, together we can sustain the testimony of a Rescued Taraba.

As it is tenderly said: we’re not where we’re supposed to be, but we’re sure not where we use to be.

Remember fellow compatriots the words of Sun Tzu: the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Written from Abuja by Mshelia

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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