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For decades, a lot has been happening in Taraba State, especially within the political circle, which entreats people of concern all over the world to press more to finding facts of the reality of events unfolding. For a decade or more I have made Taraba State my place of study in an effort to finding some hiding facts and answers. This is still a quest that is on course…

One thing is obvious from my years of findings, at inception of the creation of Taraba, the state was promising and full of opportunities and its citizens also are full of potentials. But, down history lane, Taraba State began dwindling, moving backward instead of forwardness because of the lackadaisical attitudes of rulers who refused to be leaders, who have little or no interest for the development of the state and her citizens, but are busy in the pursuit of personal interest and fame. Watchfully, for two decades to the year 2015, Taraba was no longer the state we knew, nor the one from the stories we have heard.

Aside the challenges the state is faced with, the greatest tragedy I have discovered as I study the leaders in Taraba was, they find it hard to work as a team with other leaders to bring about sustainable development to the state. I have studied a couple of them, but lately (about half a decade) my focus has been on the present Governor of Taraba State, Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku amidst others.

I have read a lot about Governor Ishaku: his person, beliefs, concept of leadership and most importantly his vision to Rescue Taraba State, which was documented in a book called THE GREEN BOOK. I have watched every vision in that book becoming a reality in the State.

Against this backdrop, I was totally shocked to have read an article on the front page of a Newspaper, January 20, 2019 tagged: “You are a Betrayer, Sen. Bwacha Hits Gov. Ishaku – (Southern Taraba Qualified to Produce Governor in 2023).

Reading that header twice, every rational person will spot the fact that with that grievous allegations by Sen. Bwacha, came also an answer with his allegations. Any reader that will find it interesting to read the full text after reading the header, will be doing that to just waste away unproductive time, because the heading of that sombre allegation that says “YOU ARE A BETRAYER”, came also with an answer: “SOUTHERN TARABA QUALIFIED TO PRODUCE GOVERNOR 2023. Thus, at a glance one will understand, it was all about personal ambition and interest, which has nothing to do with facts, the good of Tarabans, nor in the promotion of their interest.

As a student of conscience, I felt the necessity to address a few things that was pointed out in the text.

To begin with, historically, the journey to Taraba State creation was a rough and tough one, and presently, a leader has traversed it, shedding his sweats for what we are celebrating, but short sighted potentates are making efforts to pulling down the foundation laid for the rapid development that is underway for the next four years.

It is preposterous to read the words of an assumed experienced politician say Governor Ishaku is “loggerhead with almost everyone who worked for his victory 2015 and 2019”, trying to alter facts that Governor Ishaku rigged his way to office. On the contrary, based on facts available, Governor Ishaku has maintained a cordial relationship with his team as far back as his call and ingress into politics.

The emergence of Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku as the PDP governorship flag bearer in the years 2015 and 2019 elections, where he defeated other aspirants with a very wide margin was as a result of his ever increasing popularity. It is an undisputed fact that Governor Ishaku came into prominence long before many of the aspirants were even known, not to talk of his national and international exposure.

According to report by The Daily Times May 2015, it observed:

“Fact is that Darius (or Dorius as some folks here fondly pronounce it) is a huge sensation and would clearly remain a favourite for a long time. Right now there is a steamy love story on going between Darius and a majority of the people – a situation that has seen him transform from a lowly public servant to a folk hero of sorts”.

On a whole, Governor Ishaku and the people of Taraba State have delivered the state to PDP despite the intimidation at all levels. Such outstanding performance by Governor Darius in 2015 and 2019 wouldn’t have been possible if his efforts were torn between two walls as claimed that he was working with the opposition. The election and re-election of Governor Ishaku was a reaffirmation of the mandate of the people who voted him. And there’s no doubt, the good citizens of Taraba expected such landslide victory at the polls.

It was also captured that Sen. Bwacha said, his problem with Governor Darius started since 2015, thus, one will wonder, how could he be having problems with someone that was just getting into office? Could it be he wanted to trade the fortune of Tarabans, or was he from inception not thoughtful about serving Southern Taraba as a Senator, but was focusing on his personal ambitions for 2023, since the year 2015? No wonder, 2019 just began and he is yet again looking for a fight in regards to 2023, instead of focusing on improving the lives of his people – Southern Taraba.

When Sen. Bwacha said Governor Ishaku is a betrayer, the bigger question should be, on what grounds is he talking? The interest of Tarabans to Governor Darius is bigger than the interest of an individual. The summary of all the sacrilege by Sen. Bwacha to Governor Ishaku, is buried in desperation for power, and the extreme anxiety of what will become 2023, knowing he will probably have to contest with a man of valour, that is when Governor Darius decides to contest.

Come 2023, politicians should note, that the present political awareness amongst the electorate (people entitled to vote) is not an issue to be taken lightly. They know who to vote for and the person they know can deliver the much needed development they desire. They cannot be recruited into despising someone they know is their hero.

Peradventure Sen. Bwacha and CO has mislaid their touch with the current reality of what has been of the Ishaku’s led administration, I beg to help recollect them. Architect Darius is strongly committed to educational, electoral reforms, good governance, initiatives against corrupt practice, socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, peaceful inter-religious coexistence, security of lives and property, freedom of citizens, rule of law and social justice. That was the vision Sen. Bwacha supported towards 2015, and from the inception of Ishaku’s administration to now that has not changed. Under Governor Ishaku, Taraba State is on the path to making Taraba a pride state among other community of states.

With the slogan “Give me peace and I will give you development”, Governor Ishaku and the good people of Taraba have worked in partnership, in the interest of the state, and have brought the state to an appreciable level of peace and sustainable developments that was never realised in decades past. Despite what seems as lost hope for Taraba, hope was made alive.

Governor Ishaku is a political force today, and has become the father of Modern Taraba, because he reads the economic and social needs of the people accurately and transmits his observations into policy implementation most suitable to comprehend by his team, thus, giving them the required output in governance. He is a man that is naturally loved and admired by people for his impacts; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination; he has remained unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation over the years and this will not get in his way either.

Governor Ishaku has been on a mission from inception to change the socio-economic environment of Taraba State into one of the fastest, mostly developed states in the federation and he has achieved that to a large extend. The seriousness and total commitment with which he approached the governance of Taraba State has reached its high point.

It is therefore, scandalous and totally a scrapheap of Sen. Bwacha not to see the efforts put in place over the years by Governor Ishaku towards ensuring Taraba State is restored to her place of Glory, and also a prove of ingratitude not to appreciate Governor Darius’ efforts in making sure His name was upheld and campaigned for as he moves around the State in churches, Local Government Areas, Villages in promoting same Sen. Bwacha to be elected and reelected to office. That has been the fact, and I can defend it because I have followed carefully the Governor to many of these campaigns in my quest to knowing his virtues.

Few points for Tarabans to recollect in their interest, and especially for Southern Taraba:

  • To him that much is given, much is also expected…
  • A man that is not faithful in little, can he be trusted with much?
  • A man is known for two things: his words and his actions. These two must of necessity tally. If there is a divergence, then neither his words nor his actions are of any value no matter how magnanimous.

True leaders bury their pride and ambitions when it contradicts the truth and the interest of their people. That is what Taraba needs most, not a fight on an office that still has a four-year life span.

Written by

A. A. Mshelia From Abuja

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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