Respect Gen. T. Y Danjuma, Only The Truth Sets Free, Mshelia tells Chief Moses Agbe.

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Truth they say don’t need a lawyer. With the current happenings in Taraba politics, we don’t have to open a Newspaper, turn on our computer, or flip through our feeds, before we know the truth about the happenings. If we must build the state of our dreams, I advise we face the truth and make things right in the interest of the state.

I appreciate the level of perspicacity by Chief Moses Agbe. Reading his article this morning was interesting but deplorable because in such a massive text, one could pick the things needed to be done by men of wisdom before arriving here. Many advices by Agbe in his article were things he should have advised his principal to do before making such a public spectacle of allegations that were of no constituent.

The first question I will like to ask is: when Agbe said in his first paragraph that comments were “accredited” to Senator Bwacha, for accusing the person of Governor Ishaku and lots more, did Senator Bwacha granted that interview, or the Newspapers carrying that unsubstantiated interview generated it from interplanetary? If the interview arranged was a lie, you should be coming out to tell the world the Senator didn’t grant such interview, and we all will attend to things of worth. But for you to come publicly sounding insolent not only to the person of Governor Ishaku, and his loyal supporters, but disrespecting the person of Gen. T. Y. Danjuma (rtd) is a prove there’s even more to what the eyes can see.

Chief Agbe you stated: “Tarabans refused to allow the debate between the two stakeholders to flow”, my question is which debate is ongoing and with whom? who is your principal debating with? Debate is only said to take place if two people or more are involved. The last time I try to check, through all channels available, Governor Ishaku was busy building the state of his dreams.

You went ahead to say Sen. Bwacha’s interview was a “healthy political development that is wheel on the vehicle of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, which is universally accepted in liberal democracies of the world”, the whole thing sounds confusing from your many contradictory points, but, we know why it was so. My concern though is: what do you understand by the phrase constrictive criticism? What do you understand by the word civil? I only wonder if you had read the content of the interview arranged by your principal yourself? Because if you do you could have advised him to act accordingly thereafter.

I appreciate you Chief Agbe when you said: “leaders need synergy, mutual cooperation, collaboration and understanding to attract dividends of democracy to the state”. I agree to that statement hundred percent. But, you went ahead to ask if one amongst them feel there is a lacuna between them and voiced it out for it to be addressed, what’s wrong about that? Good question!! If you are talking about synergy, mutual cooperation, collaboration and understanding to attract dividends of democracy to the state, how do you explain Senator Bwacha’s coming to the media front to say Governor Ishaku is a betrayer? Is that civil? Does that sound like a statement that should come from an elder statesman? I am certain that Senator Bwacha have access to Governor Ishaku, and if they are brothers as you claim it to be, your principal would have done what elder statesmen and brothers do, not to come to the public space to sponsor an article on a front page as such.

Your statement of saying the culture of youths interfering into communications between political elders should be discourage in this new decade is laughable. There is a transition in the political space in Nigeria and such baton is being passed to the youths, that means youths MUST be involved in politics more than ever before to learn the patterns. They need to learn the right things from the elders – synergy, cooperation, and collaborations, not such methods of approach to expressing personal ambitions. If the elders know they are elders they should also know, there are things elders don’t discuss on media fronts (that’s if there’s even anything of worth to discuss). If Senator Bwacha played the elder card, the supporters of Governor Ishaku, which are largely the youths, will not get involved in what you call “Elders Communication”.

Like you advised, DDI or his spokesman should have responded, we hoped so too, but we somehow realized DDI have better things to do than respond to unjustified allegations and juvenile talks. He may choose to speak, but I have studied so much about this fine gentle man and I don’t see him attending to such debris.

You might be right that DDI should not be identified as Sen. Bwacha’s mentor, fine, but if you are conversant with political doctrines, the Governor of a state is the party leader in his capacity. Secondly, from the many things I have read from other supporters of DDI, about the things done on behalf of Sen Bwacha over the years in his political pursuit, then whether a title of mentorship is attached to DDI or not, nature have a way of affirming that. A soldier can be in the army for decades and still be a recruit, while one can start a course of few months and become a Lieutenant and grow rapidly by his skills, impacts and professionalism to the rank of Major General. That is not too far from the corridors of politics.

I advised you as a brother, that your statement on Gen T. Y. Danjuma, no matter how little, MUST be reviewed with an apology, you cannot claim to have due respect for him and still drag Gen. T. Y Danjuma into this trash. No political figure in Taraba can deny the paraphernalia of Gen T. Y. Danjuma’s impacts in Taraba Politics. True leaders don’t always have to sing their praise songs themselves to attract cheap glory. What is true will always stand and last. Just because Sen. Bwacha was in the senate 2015, does not automatically made him older than time and many elder statesmen’s efforts, in the likes of Gen. T. Y Danjuma, in creating safe and smooth platforms which he rods upon.

On your comments on the many supporters that massively reacted on social media platforms to Senator Bwacha’s allegations on Governor Ishaku, I will like to say a word. You see the difference between passionate supporters and men employed as legislative aids is that: the relationship with SOME employed aids is uni-directional; when they’re finished, they’re good aids and they do all their tasks well and get a pay cheque. While the relationship with passionate supporters in the likes of DDI and his people is developmental, that is, omni-directional kind of a relationship, driving by love and passion. We don’t wait for permission or a pay cheque before we speak and defend the truth.

It’s easier to calm down a person, but we all know it’s extremely hard to calm men and women that are extremely driven by passion towards a leader they so love and cherish dearly. Therefore, you shouldn’t be dismay, disdain and expect complimentary comments from such fellows as you stated in your text.

If the other side of the divide earned such love, we could have seen the opposite on social media platforms and more alike on other platforms. Like I have always say, if saying the truth sounds political and make me a politician, so be it. As a result, it’s a good compliment to me and millions standing out there in defence of the truth to be tagged by you “busy bodies”, that’s who we are. It’s part of our commitment to ensure the truth is protected in building a future for us and our children against all odds. The ladder holder determines the height of the ladder climber, those who hold the ladder control the ascent of the visionaries, hence, it is our allegiance to hold firmly the ladder of he that is a hero and is here to rescue us.

On behalf of the good people and supporters of Governor Ishaku, we say a very big thank you for given us the credit and score that our passion and love for his person and Taraba is also tagged as being “OVER ZEALOUS JOBBERS”.

I salute your courage to have noted also that: “all power comes from God”. True! But do us a favour by passing same message to our Senator that all power belongs to God truly. In addition, help us extend this message to him also that, it’s not by might nor my power… shall by strength will no man prevail… it’s not of him that runneth or of him that willeth… blessed is the man whose trust is the Lord. If he believes so about God he wouldn’t have started fighting Governor Ishaku since 2015, and again in 2019, on a seat that still has a four-year life span.

On that again, if you claim the issue of zoning is the duty of the state party, then let them do their job. One wonders if you have such knowledge, because if you do, why fighting the Governor in a claim he refused to the deal of passing the baton to your principal, and tagging him a betrayer?

The last paragraph on Agbe article was “GIVE SENATOR EMMANUEL BWACHA A CHANCE CON (I KNOW HE MEANT TO SAY COME) 2023”

You see, we should stop running in circles with these drama, we all know the jumbled gyratory of Senator Bwacha and aids is about 2023, let’s call a spade a spade and save everyone the drama. Do what astute politicians do to get a seat, not making everywhere cluttered.

On achievements, it’s something I wouldn’t want to dive into now, with time I will do that. But for my brother Chief Moses Agbe I have a lot of printed documents I can give you for free to read, see and compare with the history of development in Taraba, and you will appreciate the level of achievements by DDI, and that will also help you know and appreciate why we are overzealous as you tagged us. It will tell you also why we just can’t watch anyone brush up truths, and the man Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku and expect us to be taciturn.

Let he that started the combat on the wrong footing correct his steps and all will follow suit. Taraba State is bigger than all of us. The sign of true leader is the ability to say sorry if he knows he was wrong, or quoted wrongly. A true leader communicates and hold back when he is wrong, a true leader will create a culture of candour, a true leader eliminates barricades and model high standards, these are steps of virtues we look forward to receive shortly. Only the Truths Sets Free!!!

Written from Abuja by Mshelia.

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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