I was heading to town and the fastest means of transportation was to use a motorcycle. Standing by the roadside, a bike came and stopped and as usual asked where I was going to. I politely declined his offer and he left. Then, I stopped another and after agreeing to how much I had to pay, we took off. I got to where I was going to and I dropped and handed him the money. As a routine, I thanked him and wished him safety. He replied “Amin” and zoomed off.

Some days past and I stopped a bike to go somewhere again, behold it was the same bike man. He said “mallama, I recognize you”(paraphrased though) and I told him I couldn’t remember him. He said he got the blessing so he will not forget me. I was wowed at what blessing he meant. I told him where I was heading to and we left. We got there and dropped, I thanked him and wished him well and he said he would like to tell me something. I looked at him and smiled as he started the conversation. He said what I wished him was what sustained him that day and other subsequent days. He told me that he had engaged in an argument with someone and the person had threatened his life. The threat, according to him, had scared him but he had to cater for his family; so he had given up that he might die while riding his bike. He said he got back his life back when I told him “may God protect you”(paraphrased).

You wonder right? I did too! I mean, it’s been a routine for me to speak that into the lives of the people I meet because I want positive to come back to me. I have registered it in my subconscious mind and this thing meant life to this man. My God! What if I had ignored it? What if I wasn’t polite enough? What would have happened to this man? Would he still be hopeful somehow? Or would he have given up?

This scene thought me a great lesson about life. BEING A GOOD PERSON ISN’T RESTRICTED TO THOSE AROUND US, IT EXTENDS TO PEOPLE WHO MEAN NOTHING (IF AT ALL) TO US. This man blessed me and I was so humbled.

Life is like a relay race and kindness is the baton; when it is passed to you, pass it on because it’ll still come back to you. When they say “be good to the people on your way up the ladder”, sincerely, “you’ll meet them on your way down.” Who knows? The little impulse you act on can change the life of someone outside there.

You know, living isn’t about the house or the money or even the car, it’s about the people you affect by your kindness. The beautiful words you speak to someone out there is kindness. Be kind today!

Grace Abubakar

Grace Abubakar

A graduate from the Department of English, Gombe State University. A poetesss, philanthropist, motivational and inspirational speaker and tutor. Grace is a lover of nature and all there is to life. Her motivations and inspirations stems from life experiences and are geared towards creating and sustaining a culture of successful young people. She believes in the power of words to reach out and shape lives.


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