Jerry Amwe: An inspirational success story.

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In the year 2003 I got the news that I just lost my Mom. It wasn’t just the news that broke me but that a Woman who has worked so hard to give her Children a future has gone.

She sold firewood, groundnuts, ice block, oil, and what she can lay her hands on to get little change to put food on the table. Sometimes, we go completely hungry. She gets a bowl of water, pray over it, and we drink and sleep.

She disciplined us to the core.

I had sold those same firewood.
I had sold those same groundnuts on the street.
I had sold those same ice blocks.

My dream was to become somebody in the future so I could do so much for her but today, it’s her memories I’ll live to treasure for life. I could give up anything to have a day with her.

I wrote my WAEC on debt, couldn’t even afford the school fees for that year.

It took me about 3 years and I had to go into remedial school to get into the university despite my excellent result.

I only get new clothes when its Christmas, my clothes were second hand and I only had one pair of uniform during primary and secondary school. My primary school uniform had two big holes at the back of the shorts.

Almost every 2 weeks I must visit the shoe cobbler to fix my rubber sandals.

I don’t have friends then because I was ashamed they’ll find out how poor we were.

I’ve trekked almost everywhere with my feet. I once trekked from central market to Kakuri, Kaduna, over an hour walk cos I didn’t have transport money.

I couldn’t even have a girlfriend, with which money and time? All I had was myself to work upon.

On many occasion, I question God about my life, how he hated me this much. I use to talk a lot with Him, telling Him how unfair He has made this life. And I was on the unfair side of it. I hated been poor this way.

I never knew how to drive even at 28.
My first job was at 30 years of age.

I always thought children from poor parents will become poor and those from rich parents will become rich. So, am destined to be poor.

However, all these bitter years full of suffering, lose, pains, and hardship were teaching me how to live.

My mothers death was preparing me to manage the most extreme pains in life. The pain of losing what is most important to you and the fact that, you can still bounce back so long you have the will and determination to live.

I feel this might encourage someone that’s why am sharing a bit of my life with you. You might have lose so much, had a lot of broken heart, and pains but so long the will to live and the hope is there, you will make it.

My not entering school early despite my good grades shows that, you don’t always get what you think you deserve in life. There are things you think you deserve and are rightfully yours and yet you will be denied of them. You need patience and consistency to get them.

Life doesn’t always give you what you deserve, it gives you what you demand. You must keep asking until you get it.

There are people who have spent 5, 7, and even 10 years before entering the University. They have written JAMB and passed so many times and yet denied admission.


My selling and hawking on streets and also trekking all around city tells you that life is not always glamorous. There are downtimes, times you will doubt your very existence. But you must keep pushing because someday, the light will shine on you.


Lastly, you must understand that everything that is happening to you is for a reason. You’re not unfortunate, you’re not cursed, and you’re not unlucky.


One thing I later learned in life is that, “You can be born poor, but it is up to you to decide whether to remain poor or lead a life of excellence, goodwill, and abundance.”


I made a decision long time ago after I’ve lost so much in life and I was completely at the bottom that I will work on my life, I will study the lives of these people who are prosperous and how they made it and I will work towards it.
Am still working and learning and applying what I’ve learnt to achieve the life of my dreams but I can assure you that my life has never remained the same looking back to over 10 years when I decided to live life intentionally and pursue my vision dreams, and goals in life.

I don’t know if this post is for you, to encourage you to keep pushing on and keep believing in your dreams. A lot of people have had similar stories like mine and even worse and still made it.

I believe you too can make it no matter your present situation.

Keep working.
Keep praying.
Keep dreaming.
Keep pursuing.

Your dreams will come through.

Jerry Amwe

Jerry Amwe

Jerry Amwe

Jerry Amwe is a passionate author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and clinical pharmacologist by profession. He is the CEO of Jerry Amwe Empire and also the Host of Ultimate Success which is the fastest growing motivational platform in North East Nigeria hosted in Gombe State with a yearly attendance of over 1,000 people. The Ultimate Success program reaches an online audience of over 4,000 people weekly. Jerry Amwe is also a sort after speaker with an average of 30 speaking engagements yearly. He has host programs on television and radio houses to inspire and transform lives. As an author, He has written and published 5 different books ranging from inspirational, academic, finance, religious, and medicine, some of his books include: THE STUDENT WITH A DIFFERENCE, THE RICHEST MERCHANT INNGREECE, THE POWER OF VISION, and 7 POSSIBLE CURES FOR ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE.

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  1. Grace Abubakar

    Dolly Parton will always say ” one is only poor if they choose to be”. Jerry, this is one way up!


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