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The security and humanitarian challenges in the North Eastern part of Nigeria have been in the news since 2009. The Nigerian Government with the help of some International organisations has been working day and night to tackle the situation. All in an effort to finding a lasting solution to the never ending tragedy that has befalling the nation. Nigeria is currently facing multiple security challenges that are spread across the major regions of the country…. in the South Eastern Region, we have security threats such as kidnappings, armed robbery, communal crisis, cultism, herdsmen-farmers clashes, the proliferation of arms, and political disturbances.

The conflict in Nigeria’s north-east provoked by Boko Haram, herdsmen, kidnappers amongst others has resulted in widespread displacement, and violations of international human rights. The prolonged humanitarian crisis also has had a devastating impact on food security and nutrition in Nigeria’s Northeast.

It is the responsibility of all Government at all levels to adequately push further by adequately funding the security agencies and possibly community policing to bring to an end these nightmares.

Therefore, the meeting with the President, Muhammadu Buhari and the Service Chiefs was part of the solution looking for possible way to bringing a quick end to these tragedies in Nigeria.

Gov Darius with his counterparts after the General meeting with the President, Vice President and Service Chiefs.

On the side of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, it was, and it is a proven fact that the Governor is without doubt committed to seeing that his state Taraba remained the most peaceful state to live. The Governor understood the importance of peace and security. Thus, he insisted on it and emphasized it in every of his preambles. Most notably was the clear pattern he stated all the possible principles, methods and procedures which are to be followed to attain this end in his state – Taraba. The leitmotif Gov. Darius is known for in Taraba and across the world since he resumed office in 2015 was “give me peace and I will give you development”

One outstanding pointer to his commitment to giving Taraba the peace needed was when he handed an edifice to the 20 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Jalingo through the Deputy Governor Engr Haruna Manu May 14, 2019. The building was to serve as a quick response unit of the 20 Battalion Serti in Jalingo and its environs.

Such step was outstanding, huge and one of its kind to the effect that the commanding officer Division 3, General Nuhu Anbaizo visited Governor Darius on May 21, 2019 to salute his courage and resolve to ensuring Taraba is safe.

Gov Darius, Deputy Engr Manu and Major General Nuhu middle on his thank you visit to Jalingo

Part of his inaugural speech 2019, affirmed the governor’s resolve to ensuring Taraba maintains the peace it enjoys against all odds.


Dear Tarabans, since the inception of this administration, we have had to deal with one security challenge or another, almost on a daily basis. But we have never wavered in our resolve to tackle these clashes which range from minor communal clashes, to the massive attacks by marauding bandits using sophisticated weapons, and kidnapping for ransom. We have, as a matter of deliberate policy collaborated, cooperated, and supported the various security outfits operating in the state with vehicles and other logistics to make the work easier.

One of the ingenious strategies adopted to curb the ceaseless clashes between farmers and herdsmen is the enactment of the Taraba State Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law: 2017.

Fellow citizens of Taraba; security issue is a collective responsibility, because the repercussions of our actions and inactions live with us all. Let us join hands, irrespective of our partisan affiliations, to support the drive to have a peaceful and free society. It is on this premise that I appeal to our traditional rulers to play more proactive roles, being the custodians of our cultures and values. It is because of this that, after wide consultations across all strata of the society, my Administration upgraded and created additional chiefdoms to give every community a sense of belonging.

On our part, we shall not relent in our resolve to find enduring solutions to the conflicts stalling our progress as a people and I assure you that no stone will be left unturned, until we achieve the goal of a peaceful Taraba, where everybody will be his brothers’ keeper, irrespective of creed or ethnicity. We have also constituted Peace and Reconciliation Committees which have been doing a great job of sensitizing people on the need to live in peace and harmony.

Distinguished guests, related to this is the strides we have made in the dispensation of justice in the state. It is said that justice delayed is justice denied, to this end, my Administration has renovated and constructed many court halls and also recruited many judges to ensure speedy dispensation of justice. We have also given the welfare of judicial personnel top priority, considering their vital role.

Determination is a prerequisite for success in leadership, and it gives the leader energy to move on towards the ultimate goal. It is a fact therefore, that, the show of determination in the leadership of Governor Darius over the years against insurgence, has inspired confidence in the citizens of Taraba who have also resolved to rely on his leadership will in times of struggles until victory is achieved.

His people are this determined also, because, over the years, one statement that was frequent of Governor Darius on security is: “The peace and comfort of my people is my topmost priority. I won’t trade it for anything. With peace comes every development needed for a prosperous state”.

Written from Abuja by

A A. Mshelia

Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

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