I have seen a city where everything abounds. This city is in the Heart of the crisis rocked North Eastern region of Nigeria. The city is called Gombe.

Gombe is the capital of Gombe state. Gombe is a city where many runs out in other to seek for greener pastures, surprisingly many others run into it for greaner pastures.

The summary is this:

  1. Visitors are getting wealthier in Gombe, while indigenes cry for poverty in Gombe.
  2. People outside Gombe talk good of Gombe, while those living in Gombe keeps complaining of Gombe.
  3. Most Gombe people have excuses for failure, while non Gombe people Dare such excuses and they excell. So please, nothing is wrong with Gombe as a city and a state, but probably, something is wrong with you as a Gombe indigine. So look inward, wealth is withing you.