Fake Attitudes: ONLY Make a Sincere Man Stronger – A. A. Mshelia

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Growing to maturity I have tried and carried out many projects and businesses at almost all levels and works of life.

I have met all kinds of people over the years, both the literally sound and those coming up. THOSE I needed to help and THOSE that were in position to help but decided to sleep over it.

One lesson I have learnt is that only few people most especially those that have the powers to help understood the value of true relationship above all that life can give.

I have trusted people so much both at the professional and faith level; gone out of my way to help, assist, spend, promote, please and took the risk I wouldn’t naturally take but I did that with the mindset of building a truer and lasting relationship and having value for people and friendship over all.

I have seen people smile to your face, gave you the assurances of brotherhood, partnership and friendship. But, that was just a sugar-quoted gimmicks to take your mind off the real people they really are.

Some call it a game, some sees it as being smart, some sees it as display of power etc.

Now, the questions I wake with this morning was. Isn’t it time to toughen up, prayer to have a stronger heart, roll the game, rolling based on experiences over a decade?

Thoughts like you have been used and misused, taken for granted, abused etc

Smiley man. Business Mask Face Smiling Holding Hand Paper

But, then, I heard a whisper: you are a different breed! You are chosen to stand out, not fit in to the crowd. Time has always been the best judge. Pulling one down doesn’t take you up.

I heard it clearly in my spirit, they thought they out-smarted you but time will bring out the dividing line between the truly great men and the mediocre.

I heard also to remain focus and never allow the attitudes and opinions of others stop me from thriving for More, taking More projects, taking up more business opportunities, and serving more in ministry and marriage.

THE SUMMARY OF IT ALL IS, HENCEFORTH, If I Know the right thing to do and I refuse to do it IT IS A SIN, DESPITE ALL THOSE EXPERIENCE.

Thus, over the years, the fake Attitudes I have received and yet to receive ONLY MADE AND WILL MAKE ME STRONGER.

After all, I learnt to give not because I had much, but I Know how it felt to have nothing.

ALL I pray for is have a full measure of the gift of DISCERNMENT.

Food for Thought

Make it a duty, if it’s within your powers to raise someone. Not because of what you expect in return, but because that’s the right to do.

You won’t be remembered for most of the offices you hold, cars and houses you owned but THE IMPACTS MADE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES AROUND YOU.

Thanks to those that stood true to sincere brotherhood, and friendship.


Adams Ayuba

Adams Ayuba

Dad, Author, Song Writer, Media Consultant, and Teacher of the Gospel


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