School participation remains a challenge across Nigeria, and obstacles are particularly severe in northern states. In addition to issues of school access, family and school resources, and attitudes towards education, school attendance in northern Nigeria is impeded by the increasingly brazen extremism of Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, and its targeting of girls’ education.

The group opposes the Western-style education associated with formal schooling in Nigeria and seeks to relegate women exclusively to the household. As a result, risks associated with school-going are compounded for girls and young women in a context where female educational attainment is persistently low. Certainly, in many northern states, more than 50% of young women ages 15-24 have no experience with formal education. 

Am calling on every stakeholder in the northern part of Nigeria to work towards providing security and resources for school to create sensitization on the importance of girl-child education to us in the north. Furthermore, all women from the north who went to school should pick young girls from our school and mentor them.