“Dear 2020”

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Dear 2020,
I’ve not come this far to let pride lure me to her bed
I would rather allow myself to be drawn in the sea of humility
Where I would no longer
See meekness as weakness

I’ve not come this far to let humanity down again
Begging on wounded knees
Crying for servant leadership
I would gladly ride with her in the boat of friendship

I have come to disrupt the tales
Of the downtrodden and feeble
Like a gentle fire to the snow
I pray to rekindle the flame of hope
And melt the ice of their lorn souls

Dear 2020,
I’ve come to confront my fears
My battles and addictions in tiers
I have come to right my wrongs
And to be a better version of me

Dear 2020,
I hope to find favour in your side
To disarm the cold hearted
With the charm of compassion
Through the gospel of poetry in action.


©Sir S.K Galadima

Samson Kefas

Samson Kefas

Samson Kefas Galadima is a young vibrant young poet who hails from Gombe, in North-eastern Nigeria. He is the third of five children. He is a student of Business Administration at Gombe State University, currently in his third year. He enjoys writing, music, stimulating conversations, creative think tanks, and adventurous travels. All these contribute to his inspiration, the greatest source of his inspiration he says is humanity. He is currently the President of Creative Club, GSU and the 2019 Hult Prize Campus Director Gombe state university. These are some of the avenues which showcase his exceptional leadership qualities.


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