Dankwambo at 58: A bizarre kind of a birthday message.

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Dear Alhaji Dr, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo OON, (Talban Gombe).

It is with much pleasure, honor and respect that I write this kind of a distinct birthday wishes/entreaty to you.

Sir, I wish to from the depth of my heart congratulate you on the occasion of the celebration of your 58th birthday. Yours for sure are years well lived and well spent.

Certainly everyone who has known, read or heard of you will have no option than to felicitate with you, just as the sun does not take permission from any corporeal to illuminate. Your achievements and successes are visible even to the blind; you are indeed a shining star amidst your contemporaries. And to endorse this I add my voice to millions throughout the world in saying; Happy Birthday Your Excellency.

But while I am happy that you are celebrating your 58th birthday, I am frankly sad that you are growing older. I know this sound contradictory, but a mixture of sadness and happiness may give birth to worry, so kindly permit me to say I am worried sir.

But why I am I worried sir? I am worried that you are a man whose achievements are unprecedented, but yet unfathomable at the same time. You are an achieved technocrat and politician whose depth seems to be untapped by Northerners either for mediocre or nonchalant reasons, and this always keeps me at a quandary.

Sir, you have excelled in commercial banking as well as with the Central Bank of Nigeria.  You were the Accountant General of Gombe State and that of the Federation of Nigeria. You were a Member of the Central Bank of Nigeria Board of Directors; you were the Chairman/President, Accountants-Generals and Auditors-Generals Forum of West Africa. The Chairman ECOWAS Audit Committee and a Board Member of the Extractive Industries Transparency International among other numerous offices you held either actively or passively. You were a governor for eight years. And as governor, while other governors whose party lead at the center struggled financially, you paddle the turbulence financial sea firmly and calmly, you were surely an anchor in the midst of numerous financial storms. Presently you are an associate professor in one of the world leading Universities.   

While serving as Accountant general of the Federation, you were instrumental to revolutionizing a lot of the economic and financial sectors of the Nigerian Economy. It was during your time that the Treasury Single Account (TSA), the E-Payments, the Integrated Payroll Personnel Information System (IPPIS), the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) among other laudable achievements was introduced.  

Your curriculum vitae are full and deeply rich as an individual, i do not at all doubt your capacity, and I know no sane person would ever have qualm with your intellectualism and wealth of experience. But I am worried that you are still full, i wish and plead that you empty some of these inherent assets of yours to this generation. at least those youths who are willing to learn.  

Thus, I wish to on your birthday beg you your Excellency to add to your so many humanitarian acts the following if it is okay by you:

  1. Kindly write your own biography sir. Document your stories, including your detour to success. Your kind of success is an achieved success and not an ascribed one. Thus, i beg you to kindly document your biography.  And if you had done that, kindly consider both updating and marketing it for easy accessibility. Your story encapsulating your route and obstacles to success will for sure be a motivation as well as a reference to many youths.

I know that so many Nigerians do not read biographies, but every leader knows that arrows domiciled in the quiver called biography, especially biographies of rare gems like you are always price less.  So please sir, kindly document your biography.

Secondly sir, i beg you to consider establishing a DANKWAMBO Center   for Economics, Finance and Development Studies.  With your influence, pedigree, experience and depth of knowledge, I am sure such center will be a topnotch center in Nigeria. The North is characterized by poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and scarcity of data. If we have a center to serve as a hub, a factory and bank for both domestic and international data and research, as well as serving as a means where international organization can collect and document authentic, local hitherto unavailable data juxtaposed a center of excellent developmental research will be an exciting memorabilia for you sir. Besides, such centers are mostly self-sustaining while championing growth and development of the region and Nigeria at large.  

Thirdly, consider organizing an annual public lecture in your name sir, possibly to be organized by the same center. There are people in your intellectual strata, people who are repute in both the economic, finance and development world. You can always invite them for such lectures. All these will be for us the immortalization of Dankwambo as well as further bringing Gombe to limelight.

 I so pray you consider the possibility of all or one of these sir.

Lastly I pray that God who is Almighty over all of us will give you more years, depth of wisdom, sound health and grand you your heart desires.

May life smile at you always,

Accept the warmest of all felicitation from me on this your special day,

Happy Birthday and best of all wishes your Excellency.

Hadu Naphtali Ligari



Naphtali Hadu Ligari was born in Azare, Katagum LGA of Bauchi state. He attttended, Sa'adu Zungur Primary School in Bauchi, Bauchi State, and FGC Maiduguri, in Maiduguri Borno State. . From there he proceeded to University of Maiduguri where he studied Bsc Economics. He is currently a tutor with the Economics Unit of the School of Basic and Remedial Studies of Gombe state University.


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