Nations on stand still.
Boarders closed.
World economy crashing.
People in their thousands dieing.
Churches, Mosques, & worship centers closed.
Billions of people in lockdown & isolation.
Doctors, Nurses, scientist all confused.
World leaders looking for help.
Its like the beginning of a mass extinction.
The dawn of the apocalypses.
But people are dieing faster in fear than the disease killing them.
No more hand shakes.
No more hugs.
No more gatherings.
Everyone is struggling for survival.
Everyone is afraid of dieing with the thousands.
Everyone is afraid of embracing one another.
What we need more than ever is faith.
Faith that can make us stronger than the disease.
Faith that can help us conquer the invisible enemy.
Faith that brings hope and courage.
Faith that this too shall pass.
Make your faith bigger than your fear.
Make your faith bigger than the disease.
Stay safe and let’s win the war together.

Author: Jerry Amwe