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A song for Welcome to Gombe

UC Computer a talented traditional two strings guitar ( Gurmi ) player, young and innovative that all you have to do is the tell him the title of the song and he will compose it right away, I believe that practice make perfect and playing Gurmi is UC Computer’s life style.
he shared with us how he started, the challenges and the benefits of being a Gurmist, he did not tell us why his called UC Computer “ let it me a topic of another day” he said. UC is married and is blessed with Children; he lives in a town called Wajari which is just few kilometers from the city of Gombe.

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Why i teach in Pidgin English and Hausa Language

In my Life I have seen broke business professors and I have seen wealthy illiterate business men,
No matter how difficult learning a language may be, a two year old child born and brought up in that particular place or country knows and understand the language better. I believe that learning in the language you communicate every day is easier than learning in a strange language.

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