Addition or Subtraction?

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One of the great things we learned very early in school is how to add or subtract numbers were tall additions brings increase, while subtraction results in decrease.

Plus, people are simply ordinary people who choose to live extraordinary lives, because they had unusual level of commitment to making a difference, no matter how small.

They make history, since they devote their time and energy to doing Little things extra ordinarily will. These are people who came and saw the situations and conditions around them and decided that something must change. And rather than looking for someone to make it happen, they decided they are the ones to do it. By some morning the courage to passes. And to it was, this are the men and women we call heroes. As you pass through this life, think more of adding to your wall, rather than subtracting from it. A great man once said, if you are not applause to our generation, it’s better you are not born. Remember, there are many people out there whose livelihood will greatly improve if you pass their way.

. Mother Teresa said, Unless life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile. A good way to find your troubles is to help others out of this. You can mean the whole world to somebody today by adding meaning and significance to his or her life heroes. are not necessarily famous people. They are simply ordinary people who attempted to do great unworthy things. You may not be a hero to the whole world, but you can be one to your family, to your neighborhood, to your community, or your organization. If you’re willing to live for others, if you’re willing to sacrifice for others, and to make life better for others, it means you have the plus photo. Don’t die a video this a hero in you be a plus and not a minus. Take a giant leap and add the plus factor to your left today. Have a graceful Day.

Samson Kefas

Samson Kefas

Samson Kefas Galadima is a young vibrant young poet who hails from Gombe, in North-eastern Nigeria. He is the third of five children. He is a student of Business Administration at Gombe State University, currently in his third year. He enjoys writing, music, stimulating conversations, creative think tanks, and adventurous travels. All these contribute to his inspiration, the greatest source of his inspiration he says is humanity. He is currently the President of Creative Club, GSU and the 2019 Hult Prize Campus Director Gombe state university. These are some of the avenues which showcase his exceptional leadership qualities.


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