A song for Welcome to Gombe

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UC Computer a talented traditional two strings guitar ( Gurmi ) player, young and innovative that all you have to do is the tell him the title of the song and he will compose it right away, I believe that practice make perfect and playing Gurmi is UC Computer’s life style.
he shared with us how he started, the challenges and the benefits of being a Gurmist, he did not tell us why his called UC Computer “ let it me a topic of another day” he said. UC is married and is blessed with Children; he lives in a town called Wajari which is just few kilometers from the city of Gombe.
His source of income is farming and playing gurmi, he is among the people that appear at Wedding Receptions, Seminar and all forms of event without an official invitation card. To him, he believe that whenever he approach you playing gurmi and praising the way you dress, walk or smile, you will give him N50 or N100. “So are you a beggar? “ I asked. “not really I believe that an average human being want to be recognized, love and want to be loved and praising them using musical instrument like Gurmi will give them a sence of being important in the society, when ever you think you are nobody and I happen to cross your path with my two strings Gurmi, you will be motivated UC Computer replied.

UC Mai Gurmi accepted to be an ambassador of welcometogombe.com and instantly entertained us with a song for welcome to Gombe. He looks forward for a sponsor that will help him produce an Album for the Emir of Gombe and many Dignitaries in the Country. Incase you want to invite him or sponcor his project, you can reach UC Computer on 08178843929o



HEZACO is a Teacher, Web-designer, Singer and a Merchant Navy Officer. he is the C.E.O HEZACO DIGITAL WORLD LIMITED


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