Moment of Destiny

By: Hon Habu Dawaki



A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses. You can never rise above the level of the people you associate with. If you work with dogs, you cannot help but learn to bark. You cannot live among chickens and sow like the Eagles. The people you keep the accompany affects your thinking, decisions, values, principles and character. The things you become an experience in life are all products of associations. You get wiser when you keep company with wise people, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. negative thinking people make you look at life only from a negative perspective. average people make you think of rituals and Godly People help you to become more good.

Don’t hang around people who can only make you laugh, but cannot make you think of those who introduced you to pleasures that leads only to pressures. Do not be deceived. Bad Company corrupts good manners. Anybody who does not Lift you will eventually destroy you. Anybody that does not help you grow and improve is bad company. Cut off the line of communication. Better to be alone heading in the right direction. Then be in company of so called Friends taking you to a road call nowhere. Today is your day. Surround yourself with the right people. Go for those who can encourage your level of confidence, faith and courage. People who can inspire you with hope on your road to destiny. Those who appreciate and value your dreams and visions in life are good company. But those who tend to limit and depreciate you, at best should be avoided.

I learned something from Henry Ford. He said my best friends are the ones who bring us The best in me. You don’t have to live in regrets anymore. Look for people who can influence you to think, to improve and to grow. So you can be a better person. Do yourself a favor. Say goodbye to any form of wrong association that puts you down and drains your energy and embrace all those who put you on the path of excellence. Today is the day to begin tack now and you will not have to live a life of regret another day. Have a lovely and friendly Day!

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